Hi there, I make custom anthro & furry artwork: tame, wild, and all things in between. Come check out my work on my social pages and message me if you'd like a commission!



18€ knee-high
24€ full-body


30€ knee-high
35€ full-body


45€ knee-high
50€ full-body


75% of full price

+ 10–25%

+ 5–25€ (may charge more if very complex)

(ask if unsure)
+ 10–25%


+ 10€


as of October 1st 2019

by requesting a commission you
agree with the following terms


  • Commissions are reserved to people above the age of 18 only.

  • I will draw digital illustrations of anthro/zoomorphic and human/humanoid characters. Please ask if you're unsure whether your character applies or not.

  • Please note that there are some subjects that I do not accept in commissions, such as: extreme violence, hateful/racist/sexist or any other harmful subjects, non-consensual sexual acts, underage or underage looking characters involved in nudity or sexual situations, bestiality, scat, watersports, vore, vomit, inflation, diapers, hyper proportions, macro, transformation.

  • Fanart of copyright protected characters need to be evaluated in a case-by-case scenario. Please ask if unsure.

  • Please send a clear and brief description of the commission you're requesting, including any useful reference pictures, if possible.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission with no obligation to provide an explanation.

  • When I post your commission I will include your name and online profile link. If you want to remain anonymous, feel free to ask. If you want to credit other people appearing in the picture, please write me their names and profile links. Please remember to ask them for permission before linking to personal pages.



  • I may post the artwork to my online galleries, portfolio sites and social media accounts and I may use it for promotional material. I reserve the right to choose whether or not to upload (or delete) the commissioned image in my gallery for any reason.

  • I may reuse any discarded ideas, thumbnails and preliminary sketches for other artwork.

  • I may sell prints of the artwork and include it in commercial collections of my art such as art books or digital art packs. I will ask for your permission before attempting any other commercial use, including prints.


  • You may use the completed artwork or parts of it for any non-commercial use. Please be sure to credit me including my name and a link to my profile.

  • Commercial use must be previously disclosed and discussed and will entail an extra licensing fee and/or a formal contract.

  • You may not alter or ask anybody else to alter my work without my explicit consent.


  • I accept payment in euros via Paypal. Please let me know if you are unable to use Paypal services to talk about an alternative.

  • I request full payment via Paypal invoice after your approval of a sketch thumbnail. It is possible for you to cancel the commission at this point.

  • I reserve the right to charge extra depending on subject complexity. The extra fees will be communicated after I have envisioned the commission description and references.

  • I can keep your commission private for an extra 50% fee. Otherwise, the finished piece will be normally posted in my galleries. If you simply want to remain anonymous no extra fee will be applied.


  • Refunds are not possible, with one exception: I may decide to cancel a commission at any stage with no obligation to provide an explanation. In this case any sum you already paid for the commission will promptly be refunded. (This includes communicating to you in case I am unable to complete the commission due to external factors.)

Working process

  • After requesting a commission, please wait for my confirmation. After confirmation of your reservation please send me a personal message with a brief description of the commission, including any useful reference pictures if available. We will then briefly discuss the commission type, content and price. If I agree to take the commission you will be placed in the first available slot in the commission queue.

  • When I am ready to work on your commission I will provide one or more sketch thumbnails. Payment will be requested via Paypal invoice after your approval of the thumbnail.

  • Afterwards you will receive a sketch: any major requested changes need to be communicated at this point. Requesting edits in a more advanced stage will generally incur an extra cost depending on the complexity of the edit requested.

  • As a general rule I do not make edits on the final delivered art, however, following a polite request, some small corrections are possible when motivated, at no added cost. Please feel free to point out possible errors, like missing character design features.

  • I will not be responsible if handed outdated or wrong references pictures, or for missing Information at the time of the request.

  • At the completion of the commission you will receive a high resolution version of the picture.

For more info and quotes you can contact me at:


To ask for a commission or for info you can send me a direct message on Twitter or Furaffinity, or just drop me a line at my email address:

by requesting a commission you agree
with my Terms Of Service (T.O.S.)