Hi there, I'm Aleph and I make tailored artwork and design, focusing on furry and bara illustration, ranging from naughty to cute to intense, and with a touch of my background as a trained graphic designer. Come check out my work on my social pages and message me if you'd like a commission!




+3-10€ add alternate version
+15€ add character
+5-10€ add background



+5-10€ add alternate version
+20€ add character
+5-15€ add background



+7-15€ add alternate version
+25€ add character
+10-25€ add background

1 € ≈ 1,16 $

Both SFW and NSFW welcome!
There may be subjects I may not be comfortable drawing though.
More could be charged for complex designs.Feel free to ask if in doubt.


as of October 1st 2022

by requesting a commission you
agree with the following terms


  • Commissions are reserved to people above the age of 18 only.

  • Please send a clear and brief description of the commission you're requesting, including any useful reference pictures, if possible.

  • Please note that there are some subjects that I do not accept in commissions, such as: extreme violence, hateful/racist/sexist or any other harmful subjects, non-consensual sexual acts, underage or underage looking characters involved in nudity or sexual situations, bestiality, scat, watersports, vore, vomit, inflation, diapers, hyper proportions, macro etc. Please ask if unsure.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission with no obligation to provide an explanation.

  • When I post your commission I will include your name and online profile link. If you want to remain anonymous, feel free to ask. If you want to credit other people appearing in the picture, please write me their names and profile links. Please remember to ask them for permission before linking to personal pages.



  • I may post the artwork, including preparatory sketches and work in progress versions, to my online galleries, portfolio sites and social media accounts, and I may use it for promotional material. I reserve the right to choose whether or not to upload or delete the commissioned image in my gallery for any reason.

  • I may reuse any discarded ideas, thumbnails and preliminary sketches for other artwork.

  • I may sell prints of the artwork and include it in commercial collections of my art such as art books or digital art packs. I will ask for your permission before attempting any other commercial use, including prints.


  • You may use the completed artwork or parts of it for any non-commercial use. Please be sure to credit me including my name and a link to my profile.

  • Commercial use must be previously disclosed and discussed and will entail an extra licensing fee and/or a formal contract.

  • You may not alter or ask anybody else to alter my work without my explicit consent.


  • Payments are accepted in euros via Paypal invoice. Please let me know if you are unable to use Paypal services to talk about an alternative.

  • Payments are requested in two installments: a downpayment in advance to confirm the commission and book a slot. The rest of the payment will be asked upon completion of the piece. Once the full payment is received I will send the finalized artwork in all its versions and formats. This does not apply to 'sketch' commissions: in this case the piece can be paid in a single instance upon artwork completion.

  • I reserve the right to charge extra depending on subject complexity. The extra fees will be communicated after I have read the commission description and references.

  • I can keep your commission private for an extra 50% fee. Otherwise, the finished piece will be normally posted in my galleries. If you simply want to remain anonymous no extra fee will be applied.

  • Prices are subject to change based on demand.

Working process

  • After requesting a commission, please wait for my confirmation. After my confirmation, please send me a personal message with a brief description of the commission, including any useful reference pictures, if available. We will then briefly discuss the commission type, content and price. If I agree to take the commission, you will be placed in the first available slot in the commission queue.

  • When I am ready to work on your commission I will notify you. I will then provide between two and three preliminary sketch thumbnails for you to decide the desired direction. Upon your acceptance of one of the thumbnail sketches, you will be requested full payment via Paypal invoice. Upon receiving the payment I will continue working on the artwork according to the selected preliminary sketch.

  • In case none of the sketch thumbnails are accepted, I may decide to provide up to two more new sketch thumbnails, or to cancel the commission, if an agreement is not found. If none of the new sketches is approved by the commissioner, the commission is also cancelled. I may reuse the unused sketches for other work, or post them to my online profiles, as stated in the conditions above.

  • Afterwards you will receive a more advanced sketch for feedback: any major requested changes need to be communicated until this point. Please take time to evaluate it carefully and let me know if there are any desired changes in one single message/email. Requesting edits in a more advanced stage will generally incur an extra cost depending on the complexity of the edit requested.

  • After acceptance of the preliminary thumbnail sketch, work in progress pictures are shown only once for each stage, according to the type of commission requested: at advanced sketch stage, lineart/coloring stage (for colored commissions) and shading stage (for shaded commissions).

  • Minor corrections on the final delivered art are possible when motivated, at no added cost. Please feel free to point out possible mistakes, like missing character design features, which also incur in no additional cost.

  • I will not be responsible if handed outdated or wrong reference pictures, or for missing or unclear information at the time of the request.

  • At the completion of the commission you will receive both a low resolution file for web use and a high resolution version of the picture, including its variants if present.


  • Refunds are only possible in two occasions:

  • 1. I may decide to cancel a commission at any stage with no obligation to provide an explanation. In this case a sum related to the amount of work not yet done, according to the price sheet, will be promptly refunded (for example, if a “shaded” commission is cancelled at the “coloring” stage, a sum equal to the “shaded” price minus the “sketch” price will be refunded, as the artwork was already past the sketch stage). The artwork will be delivered in its most updated form.

  • 2. At any point you can request to cancel the commission: only the sum relative to the amount of work not yet done will be refunded, according to the price sheet, as in the example above. The artwork will be delivered in its most updated form.

  • If a refund is being provided, please do not request a Paypal chargeback. I will promptly transfer the money back to you.

  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point when you were not entitled to ask for a refund, you will relinquish all rights to the commissioned piece, and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and communicate with Paypal, supplying them evidence of conversations and work completion. Furthermore, you would be blacklisted from any further commission from me.

THANK YOU FOR READINGFor more info and quotes you can contact me at:
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To ask for a commission or for info you can send me a direct message on Twitter or Furaffinity, or just drop me a line at my email address [email protected]

by requesting a commission you agree
with my Terms Of Service (T.O.S.)